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Ladies and Gentlemen we give you Goldroom! Recently we had some time to have a chat with him about his music, plans for 2012 and his influences. Goldroom is a solo project by Josh Legg to explore and create the perfect summer sound. His music is an embodiment of his passion for sunny days and that tropical disco groove.

Straight from California, Goldroom has been producing his own down tempo-disco grooves and remixing songs for the likes of Pat Lok, Penguin Prison, Poolside and most recently Citizens! Goldroom is also contributor to Binary, a label and family of dance music artists in LA (artists such Lancelot and Fabian are apart of the Binary label!). If you want to dig a little deeper on Goldroom you can catch him on Facebook and Soundcloud!

Without further adieu, We give you Goldroom! ♥ ♥ ♥

GS: We all here know you live for  disco and that tropical vibe, but we were wondering why? What drives your music to be so fun?

Goldroom: I’ve always used music as a way to either enhance what I’m feeling, or take me somewhere else. I’ve always loved music that made me feel like I was somewhere warmer or happier, even when I might be feeling a bit down for whatever reason. When I started making music, I think I naturally wanted to make music that would make me feel like that. I love big emotions, and I hope my music shows that. The tropical vibe is something that people always point to, but its something I never actively pursue. I think its my love of the ocean (I grew up on boats) that really keeps some of those tonal qualities in my music.

GS: Are you happy with your sound or do you want to stretch your wings into other areas?

Goldroom: To be honest I have no idea where my sound is going to go. My priority in making new music is to get better at the craft of production and songwriting. I believe that truly great songs are the ones that last because they’ve been written well, not because they have the right vibe. Vibes are for genres, which is an entirely subjective, in the moment, thing. My biggest goal going forward is to get better at writing songs that allow me to tell more of a story. I love connecting with listeners, and I hope that I can do that more and more, regardless of how my sound may evolve.

GS: Tell us a little bit about Binary? What can we expect this year?

Goldroom: Binary is doing great things this year! February is seeing 2 amazing releases from new artists. The first is from Australian newcomer Lancelot, who’s releasing a downtempo dance record with us called We Can Dance. Its already seeing some great buzz, and I think it fits the Binary way so well. The second is from a Canadian duo called SolarSolar, who’ve made just the most beautiful bedroom dreampop album. Its the soundtrack to my winter and I just can’t wait for it to come out. We’ve also got records coming out from Short Circuit and Keenhouse, plus lots more music on the way from Fabian too. We’re always on the lookout for who’s next, so I’m sure there will be more too!

GS: You’ve been a busy man lately, how do you balance Goldroom, Nightwaves and Binary?

Goldroom: Sometimes, to be honest, I get very overwhelmed. Life is a learning process though, and I’m learning about balance and juggling. I have to keep a lot of to-do lists, and I have to keep my calendar very detailed! I love every bit of what I’m doing though. I feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to have a label and to get to make music on a daily basis.

GS: Can we expect a live performance any time soon? Live percussions (congas!)?

Goldroom: This is something I’m thinking about more and more as time goes along. I feel like Goldroom could be such a funky project to take to the live arena that I want to make sure that its great when we do finally play our first show! Yes, I can picture a 15 piece disco party on stage… wouldn’t that be awesome? However it ends up working out, I won’t be happy unless its really groovy and a great show. I’ve seen too many electronic acts play live before they’ve fully conceptualized what the show should be, and it suffers as a consequence.

GS: If you had the time to remix any song from the late 80′s or early 90′s what would you pick?

Goldroom: That’s an impossible question to answer. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Phil Collins’ “Take Me Home” of late, so lets say that one. He’s actually a great example of an artist that pushed the boundaries of music production while still writing amazing songs all the while. Remixing this song would be really hard and really fun.

GS: If you could be playing right now, where would it be and who would you want to be jamming with?

Goldroom: I’m going to be very very cliche here and say Daft Punk. How could I pass that up though? Daft Punk was the act that opened up a giant door for me. They were the group that made me realize that you could make communicative pop music from the electronic realm. These guys have the best sense of melody, and I can only imagine what making music with them would be like.

GS: Anything you want to get off your chest?

Goldroom: I think everyone should try a dark and stormy at some point in their lives. Its the drink that pairs with Goldroom’s music best. Its sort of the sailor’s unofficial cocktail. Dark Rum and Ginger Beer. Its spicy and smokey and delicious. Not sure why I felt the need to get THAT off my chest, but its a truly under represented drink in the grand scheme of things.

If you are interested in Binary you can check it out here

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