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Apart from all this damn cold during this week we still have good music for you, and to warm this Saturday up we’ve chosen good vibes to chill out with, and the chosen one it’s Chrome Canyon‘s latest EP.

For those who still don’t know who he is, let’s refresh your memories. Chrome Canyon is Morgan Z, a guy from Brooklyn best known for being the ex-keyboard player of Apes and Android and who presented his debut album “Elemental Themes” last summer under On The Fruit Records. Now he brings his new EP called ‘Body Music‘, composed of 6-tracks featuring two songs; ‘Computer Of Love’ with two remixes and ‘Body Music’ with its two corresponding ones too. It already counts with the support of artists of the likes of Mustang, Justin Faust, Visitor, or Human Life among many more.

What can we say of this groovy pack, it’s all pure vintage sounds, and we love that! ‘Computers Of Love’ original track has the whole sci-fi film’s essence, it’s flavored with smoothy and bouncing synths with clapping pads but it will be those catchy disco melodies and the vocoder effects the ones that will get you hooked to it. Retro is back and he gets it!

The first remix of the song comes by Melee Beats, this Californian guy has done an awesome job with that robotic Daft Punk’s style. The main protagonist is that powerful and deep vocoder that leads the whole song, there is also the bassline, yes, we don’t forget it, just pure disco. And there is also Douze‘s. Kris Menace’s protégé brings his retro futuristic rework with bouncing and swirling synths and infectious rhythms that will get you in an inevitable loop of carefree optimism.

The second track is ‘Body Music’, a more nu-disco song that has captivated for real that 80’s spirit. The synths are so elegant and harmonious, for us this is the perfect track that defines his own influences. Heroismo‘s remix is the dance and techno version, an awesome bassline so irresistible from the very first second that spreads like wildfire. And the last one is Stavarsky‘s, this Poland guy has put his ‘evil’ sounds mixed with a bit of dub arrangements that gives the song a total twist, this version is so powerful!

Body Music‘ is already available on Beatport.  # BLV245466

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