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This week, Luxembourg “Shoefazing Dream Wonky Bleeps”producer Victor Ferreira, better known as Sun Glitters, released his latest EP “High.” For those of you who have become acquainted with the producer’s sound over the past year or so, this record won’t shock you with the direction it has taken. In fact, experimentation doesn’t seem to be one of the top priorities of the EP. Instead, each original track from “High” carries a touch of familiarity with it, as if one of the goals of the EP was to summate or exemplify the unique styles we’ve already gotten to know Sun Glitters by.

Right of the bat, Sun Glitters starts us off with the title track of his EP, “High.” Featuring brisk rhythmic stutters and stops throughout, this song includes an array of glitchy vocal samples, pitch bends, and crackling percussion and bass that’ll leave you feeling peaceful and maybe even somber seconds after pressing the play button.

After this, Sun Glitters tries to lighten the mood ever so slightly by following the previous track with his song “It Takes Me.” Considerably more exuberant than any of the other originals off the EP, this track includes a playful mixture of muttered synths, ephemeral vocal spurts that go hand-in-hand with the spirited instrumentation that he layers throughout. Innocence with a pinch of darkness, “It Takes Me,” is becoming one of my favorite tracks from the EP.

Next, Sun Glitters finishes the EP with his last original “They Don’t Want To Let You Know.” Choosing to end things with a bang rather than a whimper, this part of the EP definitely sounds the heaviest.  Blarring synth manage to take the listener on a journey that’s marked by angelic, yet forceful vocals, brief periods of calm that include quickly-timed notes from what appear to be sampled guitar and violin, and the sensational crunching sounds made by Sun Glitter’s signature multi-layered melodies.

The rest of the EP goes onto include three remixes from MMoths, Jewellers, and Sumsun. For those who wanted to hear something somewhat different from Sun Glitters in this EP, these remixes provide a welcomed variety of rare and experimental beats. Ranging from Mmoths hard-hitting, hip-hop infused version of “It Takes Me,” to Jewellers dance-floor revamping of “High,” all the way down to the beach, fluidity added into “They Don’t Want To Let You Know” by Sumsun, each remix offered within this EP has a little bit a something for everyone, no matter your desired preference of electronic music.

All in all, I was thoroughly pleased with this EP. My only qualm was that I wish Sun Glitters didn’t play it so safe and released something that differed strongly from what we’ve previously heard from him; even if it were only for one track. But this minor critique will certainly not take away from what this EP managed to do; and that was deliver some of the best shoefazing dream wonky bleeps the blogosphere has to offer! To buy Sun Glitters’ EP “High,” follow this link right here!


NEON CLOUD – Knit – 04 △ (Sun Glitters Remix) [download here]

RACES – Big Broom (Sun Glitters Remix) [download here]

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