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Brighter“, WhoMadeWho‘s third album is just round the corner (February 27th) and after unveiling the video for ‘Inside World’, this week the Danish band released a limited edition 7″ along with John Grant’s (ex The Czars) acoustic version. But if it wasn’t enough with that, a remixes EP has also seen the light, and what remixes!

Inside World The Remixes‘ features 3 reworks with its marked own personality, different basslines that equally will drive you crazy!  The three of them have played with Jeppe Kjellberg’s vocals and Tomas Høffding’s soft falseto in each version, all around new disco. And the task wasn’t easy at all, as the original is so catchy that you really wouldn’t miss the remix treatment.

You’ll get into a space odyssey with Digitalism remix, clean, sharp bassline, kind of electro-house and even techno echoes which remind us of early Underworld and ready to hit the club.

Mexican producer Daniel Maloso (Comeme Records) has gone for the more energetic sound reinforcing the vocals along with some drum pads with powerful clapping sounds attached that could perfectly been taken form an 80’s car race movie but with a renovated rhythm.

Finally, the one closing the tracklist is Detone, who prefers going smoother, leaving the main vocals behind at first to then concentrate on the baseline including cowbells, adding some slow vibes and taking it easy.

There’s no doubt that these remixes will get you in a loop. Let yourself getting hooked!


01. Inside World (Digitalism Remix)

02. Inside World (Daniel Maloso Remix)

03. Inside World (Detone Mix)

Inside World Remixes” is out now on Beatport. Kompakt Digital 015 BEA (January 23th, 2012)

WhoMadeWho – Inside World (Digitalism remix)


Digitalism – 2 Hearts [download here]

Franz Ferdinand – Can’t Stop Feeling (whoMadeWho Remix) [download here]

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