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Nowadays it’s really hard to find an EP that we can honestly say that all the tracks are really good (press click and enjoy this love story). I was really lucky to find this marvelous work from Mathieu Clé. I love to make reviews, but sometimes there is nothing coming out that makes feel [anxious/excited] to write about. But there is also the reverse of the medal, which is the responsibility to write the perfect review about the work of someone that has dedicated a lot of love trying to produce something that will make the difference….

Mathieu Clé – To Begin With

Born in France in the early eighties, Mathieu Clé soon started his relationship with electronic music. By the age of 15 he discovered “black” music which became his main influence. Names such as Derrick May, Joe Claussell and Moodymann quickly became to be part of his quotidian. Around 1998 he releases his first vinyl record, and he started to tour France, playing in clubs and festivals all over the country. In 2004 he won a Dj competition during the Biennale of Design in Saint Etienne. Naturally he started to be booked with more frequency and [was even] invited to the Electricity festival in Lyon, as a [warm-up] DJ for Monika Kruze and Sebastien Leger.

Mathieu Clé – Sucker for a pretty face (Mathieu Clé Edit)

In 2008 he moved to New York, becoming more familiar with the “real world of music” entering into the world of funk, disco and 80’s trends. A year later he moved back to France and came with an idea of a new concept “cocktail et canapé” (cocktail & couch), creating a mixed compilation of his latest influences. In 2009 he traveled to Berlin to play in “Café Zapatta” and signed a contract with Miniatura Records. During the summer of 2009 he also played in Ibiza acting in three of the most famous local bars: The Café Del Mar, The Savannah and Canguiri Bar. Are you impressed enough? No? Ok. In 2010 he travels to Bali (Indonesia) performing in three clubs (Syndicate, Déja-Vu, Bahina). Recently, he has been playing at “Villa Rouge” in Montpellier and he is also planning to move back to New York.

Mathieu Clé – Black Mysteries

Back to his new EP. It comes with 4 original tracks and edits. We can expect a fusion of 80’s funk & disco samples edited and recycled up with modern nudisco/house beats in a properly direction. The result is an energetic sound that make you feel like taken back in time to when all this dance-floor. It’s impossible to stay indifferent to this magnificent work. You will instantly look for sun, beach, cocktails and glamour are the main ingredients all over these four tracks. I can assure you i will play this record wherever i’m going to. Since i discovered Mathieu Clé, these four pieces have been played on repeat. It’s like a treasurer i have been keeping, and now i’m sharing because i couldn’t be selfish to keep this (just) for me!

Mathieu Clé – After Midnight (Mathieu Clé Edit)

“Midnight Love” EP is already available since December 12th via Spanish label Apersonal Music. Another golden release….

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