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If Kitsuné bets on it, that’s a guarantee that it will be an assured success, and so it has been. We first heard from Special CCCrash through their remixes, which haven’t pass unnoticed. After listening to ‘Blockhead’ and ‘Chimes’ we can finally enjoy their most recent EP. Yes, you may already know who we are talking about; Punks Jump Up‘s guys and their upcoming new single ‘Get Down (Special CCCrash) Mixxx’. They literally say that it is their modern take & homage to Prince, Trax Records & Yello, in equal measures; capturating the rawness of the early Trax Records releases with the flashiness of Prince & the quirky playfulness of Yello’s early dance tracks, Punks Jump Up said that they wanted to “Bring these influences together, turn it up & give them a modern dance touch.” That may sounds a little too ambitious, but these guys know exactly what to do.

The EP comes with the original track and five remixes by JBAG, Alex Gopher, Fare Soldi, Zero Cash, The Deadstock 33’s and there is no time wasted on any of them. When we first listened to the original track we instantly got in the mood with all that energy. The bass-line will get stuck in your head and then you will be lost, there is no escape from those rhythms! Also those catchy vocals work perfectly together with the addictive percussion  for non-stop dancing. The remix package just as noteworthy!

The first remix is made by JBAG, the French-Italian duo, who have done their thing by adding a smoothy bass-line with subtle futuristic touches turning it into a pleasant breeze of French Touch spirit. OMG we love those sounds! Alex Gopher, as it could be any other way, has contributed with the dance version, even bordering acid house. If you wanna party hard, that’s your tune! Fare Soldi‘s rework is just a banger. The italian duo have done their best with that dangerously catchy disco bass-line and punchy synths, we warn you that those vibes are irresistible!

Zero Cash‘s version is maybe the most different or unique of the remixes. The producer has gone to the deep side with the dance spirit stressing the melodies. Despite taking a less dance oriented sound it still sounds good! And finally we have The Deadstock 33’s which is just brilliant. The British producer has put the tune to another level, leaving ‘almost’ behind the vocals. We could re-name it as ‘Get Down (Special CCCrash) Mixxx 2.0’ as he has redone the tune with an awesome result, that’s what we call a well done job!

Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Special CCCrash Mixxx) EP Minimix

‘Get Down (Special CCCrash) Mixxx’ will be dropped on January the 31st under Kitsuné, but you can already pre-order it on iTunes.


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