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Something magical happens to a sound once Todd Terje touches it. Whether it’s an edit or a beautifully crafted original, his not-so-short discography is batting close to 1000. Terje Olsen is a man of many monikers… from his edit alias, Tanjoterje to Disco Terje to his current, Todd Terje (pronounced Terr-Yeh, which yes, is a ‘subtle’ nod to the famous house producer Todd Terry), Mr T seems to always be switching things up. Terje’s early discography was widely focused around edits of nearly every genre, dubbed ‘Remaster of the Universe’ Terje put out a two-disc compilation on Permanent Vacation in May of 2010 with the ‘Remaster’ title. Thankfully the past year or so has brought some incredibly well-crafted originals, with last years ‘Ragysh EP’ topping many ‘Best-of-2011’ lists with the title track and ‘Snooze 4 Love’ in particular.

Terje’s tunes tend to start with just a heady beat, and suddenly, several minutes later, you’re lost in a musical wonderland. ‘It’s the Arps’ is the latest album to come from the Norwegian genius, coming out this past month on Terje’s newly created label, Oslen. Ase expected, the EP is topping the charts. As the title indicates, the album was created after Terje purchased and mastered the vintage analog synthesizer, the ARP 2600 (analog nerds rejoice). All five songs focus heavily on the intricate use of the instrument and showcasing the power of its musical abilities.

The clear star of the album is the first track, Inspector Norse (Norse being the primary language spoken in Norway). With nearly 40,000 plays and 1500 favorites on SoundCloud, it’s clear this is no ‘undiscovered gem’. Featuring a fantastic punchy beat with a heavy-dose of beautiful bleeps and bloops, and a layered buildup culminating in analog ecstasy, this tune will have anyone and everyone feeling fantastic. No vocals are necessary in this musical masterpiece.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Swing Star has two parts which have been conveniently combined in a third track on the EP (aptly titled ‘Swing Star Parts 1 & 2). An 11-minute psychedelic journey in the future, this track should almost be banned by the government for having hallucinogenic properties. Blissfully drifting in-and-out of cosmic consciousness for the first part, the 4:20 mark  hits us with part 2 giving us a bit of a wake-up, bringing us back to a steady 110bpm that we’re used to before veering back off into space. Truly magnificent.

Todd Terje – Swing Star (Parts 1 & 2)

The EP is already on heavy rotation in my library and DJ sets and I doubt that will be changing anytime soon. Check out the spooky Myggsommer below as well. Considering none of these tracks have vocals and all feature some bizarre nomenclature (what the eff does myggsommer mean?!), I can’t help but wonder about a more detailed meaning behind the tunes….

Todd Terje – Myggsommer

Another of my favorite tracks that I had to include while we’re on the subject of Terje, is his beautiful remix of Brian Ferry’s ‘Alphaville’. From the first beat to the very last second, I could listen to this a million times and it would never get old.

Alphaville – (Todd Terje Remix)

Todd Terje’s magnificently nerdy interview site. <3

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    Myggsommer means “mosquito summer”. 🙂

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    Je pprends la peine d’

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