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This past year, we’ve been gifted with some of the most extraordinary dance music we have heard for the last three or four years. 2011 was really a terrific year making it difficult trying to choose from so many producers, labels, EP’s and remixeres. Apart from that, we all tend to have our own personal favourites. In my case, my favourite track last year was “Off My Mind” by Moon Boots. I ended up to choose it for our Golden Scissors tracklist of 2011,! I could try to justify why this particular track blew my mind but I would take me all day and too much lines. Just give it a listen. Three months after the release it’s in #10 on Beatort Indie/Dance chart.

After his early success with the EP “Off My Mind” containing an original version of this same track, a remix from Rogue Vogue and his first hit track “Gopher it”,  Moon Boots takes another step on moon ground towards his new EP.

This release carries the name of a well respected artist from Gospel and Soul music, Aretha. It’s a five track EP with the original track “Aretha”, a dub version of it, and remixes from ColeCo , Kid Color and Zimmer.

The original track seems to be the result of a simply beautiful formula. Smooth and sweet vocals on top of a 114BPM beat, a round and bright bass line and some quietly evolving synth arpeggios. No need to make up any other elements because simplicity rules, as long as you know how to do it. This is truly a constant quality I’ve been noticing in Moon Boots work since his early work. Lovely smooth track, but Powerful on the exact right time. This track is a clear example of that.

Moon Boots – Aretha (Original Mix)

On ColeCo’s remix we find a quite similar version from the original, sampling the vocals in a different way, using a very space disco bass line and adding some piano sounds, 90’s style.

Moon Boots – Aretha (ColeCo Remix) Preview

From Chicago, Kid Color brings a little flavour of his music roots and influences. From the city where House music was born, he gives the track a touch of several elements that were part of the genre in the middle 80’s and trough the 90’s. Some classic echoed Synth Piano samples, echoed voice samples and a touch of trumpets riffs takes us straight into a club in the late 80’s expecting to ear Techtronic’s Pump Up The jam after this one.

Moon Boots – Aretha (Kid Color’s ’88 Cruiser Remix)

Zimmer gives us a slower version of the track with a Wild and Caribbean touch. Full of congas and snares, the pace and groove of this remix can make a Savanna Zebra and Black Mamba dance together under the hot sun.

Moon Boots – Aretha (Zimmer Remix) Preview

The Dub version is pretty much a remix too, since it bears very little resemblence to the original with a very space disco bass sound and some other futuristic elements.

Moon Boots – Aretha (Dub Mix) Preview

Aretha EP will be out January 31st on Nurvous Records, a new sublabel from Nervous Records focusing on Indie-Dance and Nu-Disco.With this fresh new EP, Moon Boots is clearly inviting us to put our own moon boots on, and follow him into his hopefully long and low gravity journey trough the moon. 3..2..1..takeoff.


Moon Boots – Gopher It  [download here]

Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix)  [download here]

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