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Hailing from Belgium, Ghent, Shindu is a trio formed by Christopher D’havé, Chibi Vanwijnsberghe and Maxime Greedy Abbenbroek. Originally, they were only two Dj’s spreading miscellaneous electro pop with 80’s influences.That’s when Chibi enters the scene after a while. They felt a natural need to start producing music. Honestly, i can’t imagine this trio without her presence. Her vocals takes me back a few years ago. I really love her strong timbre, just like some of my favorite divas such as Peaches or even Chicks On Speed, however she is not eccentric like the ladies i’ve just mentioned. Definitly Shindu’s music is happy and full of color, and yes Chibi’s can make their music shine where ever they go!

I’ve been searching for some info and i found an interview they conceded to Kitsuné. I just copied what they think about their music. Read it below:

How would you describe your band and music in a few words ?

Chibi: We’re from Ghent city, we know the ropes!

Christopher: Exhilarating, threesome, fun and games! Heck, the newest popsensation from Belgium!

Maxime: A bird on a branch, palmtrees on white beaches, steel drums, green bananas and Belgian politicians. Hmm, does this sound familiar?

If we check their productions, we will find only one single called “Happy House“(youtube link) released via Kitsuné. It was so addictive that i still listen to it on repeat mode, literally. It was remixed by (souncloud links) Midnight Savari, Herr Styler, Polydor, JBAG and Martians. If you listen the entire EP, for sure will find your favorite remix. I say this because it’s remixed by different producers touching distinct electronic genres. Which is also a good way to reach more people and also to share their “brand” .

Finally, let’s go to “All In My Fridge”. This new track is exactly what i expected from these guys. I don’t want to be surprised, because nowadays it’s so hard to find this specific genre and this quality. Like usual, Chibi’s vocals gives the track a unique touch and all the arrangements around are very good. Maybe you need to listen more than one time, but i’m pretty sure you will fall in love for this. It comes with 6 remixes by Cosmonauts, Pharao Black Magic, Sovnger, Kreap, Softwar and Stubbs.

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Radio Edit)

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Club Edit)

Cosmonauts remix is pure love. Their inconfundible touch is there. Nu Disco, glam all over the body. Perfect music for the beginning of the night. They kept Chibi’s vocals. Who wouldn’t? They gave some sweet effects taking us into a cosmic, kind of dreamy trip. 6:55m of pure class…..

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Cosmonauts Remix)

Pharao Black Magic Remix is the freebie of this EP. Honestly, it’s my favorite. I don’t know what was their intention, but they did an excellent work here. It’s more like a second version of this track. It has the same colors and good vibe from the original. They added nice and a long echo to Chibi’s vocals. In the middle of the track, that break is breathtaking!

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Pharao Black Magic Remix)

Sovnger is a bad ass dude! That electro that we used to love a couple years ago it’s here. YES! I’m fan of this kind of music, when it’s really good like this. He added male’s vocals, claps and took the original into another dimension. It’s a little bit dark, but not negative. I also loved that break followed by a sweet piano line, and after that… BANG, party time!!!

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Sovnger Remix)

Kreap‘s remix goes more for disco house funky. Starts with a strong beat accomplished with small vocal samples. You can also feel the party here. I found it very creative. That bass is incredibly delicious and very well constructed. This track is also made for the dance floor. That built at 02:33 is super cool. 126 bpm’s, yes this rocks….

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Kreap’s Cluster Funk Deathwish remix)

Glorious remix this one by Softwar. Super creative and also with a bass that deserves our respect. It sounds very 80’s just like the original, but that’s the only similarity. the Softwar remix actually does contain Chibi’s vocal. They took the “Press Rewind” from the 3rd verse and slapped a vocoder effect on it to make it sound tougher. Just like the “Ice cold” and “bump”. They took it from a different angle but definately original vox. They have changed this track into something very different. PRESS REWIND!

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Softwar Remix)

Finally Stubbs remix. I have never heard about this dude before. I’m impressed! This remix goes more into a synth wave direcction. It’s not a friendly track. You can feel the synths taking the main character slapping you all over the track. I’m very curious to discover more about this producer. Nice visiting card!

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Stubbs Remix)

This EP is going to be released via Kiez Beats and it will available on January 20th as beatport exclusive and on February 3rd in all major webshops worldwide. Until then, you’re feel free to listen these streams! Golden Music….

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