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Nothing like a cold winter day and a warm cup of coffee to get you on the mood to write. Today i welcome you to embrace a journey to (talking about cold) Helsinki, Finland with me. I just found about this guy, Väinö Ala-Härkönen, artist name Lumeet, and i am glad i stumbled on his soundcloud. If you’re a disco/italo/synthpop fan, don’t stop reading now.

Let me give you some background first. Lumeet’s influences are wide. From Scandinavian folk songs and late 20th century minimalism to raw 70s funk, 80s synths and video game soundtracks. That’s quite an achievment. Also from his biography, he also mention that he persistently continues to make special personal brews of various familiar elements. From his soundcloud page i was delighted with his own style, never settled in a specific one.

Väinö already have some releases in his pockets. Some of them free. I’d like to highlight his latest original (the one that captured my full attention) EPYX. This track is so fresh and dreamy that i imagined myself riding an unicorn over a ‘double rainbow’ (sorry for the meme). Reminiscence from the golden age of synth music (the 80’s), this song is all about high energy melodies and action. Instant classic. Perfect blend of genres: 80’s, italo, game soundtrack, disco, synthpop, name more! Best part, it is free.

Metacharm was his first single release. It was released July 3, 2011 and you can download it for free, accompanied by a remix, here. There is also an extra ‘epic dub’ version on his soundcloud, also free. Lumeet full album, named Isadora Mu, is a 9 track space disco adventure, released 17 August 2011. The New Lofi describes it: “The whole album is an epic intergalactic electro-disco journey… an audio adventure into some unknown science fiction future. One of my favorite LP’s this year”. It was released in both formats, digital and physical (12″  vinyl and/or Limited Edition USB flash memory). Kudos for the original hand-customized USB memory stick version, limited to only 20 copies. Quick mention to Lyonesse Zero, track number 3 of the LPwhich is available for free. More info about Isadora Mu here.

I would like to finish with some of his words: “Musicking for personal enjoyment and to make the world a tiny bit more beautiful… Or just to try out what works and what doesn’t. Why not?” Let me show you a small selection of Lumeet’s work. Just be sure to put your awesome hat before click play.

Lumeet – EPYX

[download here]

Lumeet – Metacharm

[download here]

Lumeet – Lyonesse Zero

[download here]

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