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Artwork by Dalila Couto

A couple weeks ago we asked our followers what were their favorite tracks of 2011. We could have done our own top, but we have decided people should tell us, because all blogs are doing their own charts. If there is any track missing, we apologize for it, but i think everyone is included. Anyway, we have also contributed with our favorites. No doubts 2011 was an excellent year. Here we only have originals, during this week we are going to blog as well all the remixes. For sure you will find a lot of interesting tracks that probably you missed. Have fun…!



















(Jairo Murillo)

(Claudia Armada)

(Kish Lal)

(Tiago Euzébio)

(Joel Azevedo)

(Nicole J. Patten)

(João Machado)

(Bruno Romeu)

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Great list!
    Keep up the good work.
    Happy 2012!

    BIFE RadioShow

  2. Enola Gai says:


    On big resolution, green color isn’t very readable on small print :s.


    • Bruno Romeu says:

      Sorry man!

      But the idea is to fit with the design of the blog! Next time will be better. If the players were bigger this blog post would be a mess….

      Thanks for the advice.

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