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Wolf + Lamb is undoubtedly one of my favorite labels so I am always excited to check out any new releases. Their latest release to find itself on repeat in my record collection is the new EP from PillowTalk, “Far From Home”.

PillowTalk, aside from being an underrated bedroom activity, are three dudes out of San Fransisco; Sammy Doyle, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello who happen to create really awesome house/r&b/disco/90s-ish music shizz.  “Far From Home” is the third release from the trio, the first two came out on VisionQuest and Life & Death just earlier this year. Pillowtalk have been together only a short time and the formation the band was purely by chance, a byproduct of haphazard instrument playing. There is talk of a live-band tour, and most definitely some new releases in 2012, so be on the lookout for that.

The first song to catch my attention, and still my favorite on the EP is “Far From Home”. The really amazing thing about this song is the wickedly addicting vocals. “I ain’t been right since you been gone”  This hook will be longlasting in your mind well after the song is over. These sick vocals in combination with a funky, heavy house beat, a couple of nice organ riffs and some other jazzy jazz, has my ears feeling indefinitely happy. VERY NICE.


Another of my favorites on the EP, StreetWalker starts off with faint footsteps that drop into a funky beat, with the funkified phrase “silly little girl come back to me” on repeat. A song about a dude who’s girl has gone on and found another. “I don’t care who was wrong or right” he says “forget we had a stupid fight”. But who needs women when you have such stellar music??


The first couple of tunes start the EP out slow while turning on the cheese factor a little bit, starting with  “Heavens Gate”. You can just feel Tom Cruise winking at you from across the room like a clip from a corny 80s movie. Track two dials up the sexual tension with “Weekend Girl”. A convergence of 90s R&B and sensual downtempo house, this tune relies heavily on the alluring vocals of a dude who’s only asking for a weekend girl. Keepin’ it kinky, the track ends with the soft vocals “Bring a friend…. you know what, bring three.” Pretty nice. Not sure I’d fall for it tho.


Not on the EP, but check out another one of my favorite Pillowtalk songs, Love Makes Parks, which came out on the VisionsQuest release earlier this year.

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