Golden Scissors


Tropical, happy and fancy are the main adjectives for these Rubix‘s remixes. I don’t know how many times i have already listened to this, but every time i re-click play there is something new, something that slipped from my ears. Well, why not dedicate some lines to this awesome EP. First, let’s revisit the original track!!!

The Adventure starts with Xinobi‘s remix. Like usual this is brilliant work. He doesn’t take the essence of the original. He adds more life, color and excitement, throwing us to the dancefloor. Starting with with a simple beat, you can feel the rest of the elements giving body, such as a very tropical percussion followed by the saxo from the original track, but faster and full of groove. I was really surprised when he drops a smooth piano line, not very intense, just to give some color blending the track with some appointments, later becomes main character of this remix. Ohhh… and by the way you can always count with those awesome builts and drops, very xinobi’s style. This remix is actually very effective and it will be played by a lot of people. It’s really contagious and funny….

Rubix – That Rhythm (Xinobi Remix)

The legendary Ian Pooley also gave his contribution for “Soul Train”. This remix results into a very late 90’s housy track (good times). His remix has a different approach from the original. He adds a very cool easy flow groove (less intensive than the original) and the vocals have also a different approach. I don’t know what effects he used, but i honestly prefer this version. However it’s still very funky and easy listening. Perfect track for a perfect house party! The thing about this remix, is that you can listen and re-listen over and over again… and it doesn’t make you feel tired or bored. Ian Pooley’s definitely knows how to shake the dancefloor….. always in style!

Rubix – Soul Train (Ian Pooley Remix)]

From Germany, Cram also comes with a deep house feeling for “Tobacco Man”. If you like deep vibes, you will enjoy this remix. However it could be more creative and less static. But, you only know the effect of this track if you play it for the crowd. I can say i would dance with this one. It also has pretty decent details all over the track that makes me think it will work. Deep House music is usually a sub genre that people really enjoy, because it’s progressive and when reaches the climax…. bang, it feels good!

Rubix – Tobacco Man (Cram Remix)]

This EP has been played on repeat. This is the perfect music for the new year’s eve. Released via No Brain Records. It is already available on Juno since December 23rd. Have Fun…!!!



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