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Imagine the end of the day, somewhere near the beach, on a terrace having a cold drink or even on the sand under a beach umbrella, just enjoying the last rays of sun that is about to hide. What’s missing? Well, the scenario immediately calls for some sweet sound on your player.

This hot picture has been crossing my mind for the last few days. Unfortunately the only thing that I can reach right now, since I’m in the northern hemisphere and it’s a freezing cold, is this burning hot EP from Paul Perrault, known as Chateaubriand.

This 17 Old producer signed for the Paris-based, Yeah Dish Records, a label with strong and assumed values. Quality music, a classic but clean image and some sense of humor make the recipe, always with an international vision.

The Sunset is the name of Chateaubriand´s first EP, released by Yeah Dish, and as the name says, it’s all about that track, The sunset, with six other remixes from a handful of some talented nu-disco and house producers, surely not chosen by chance, who did a wonderful job remixing the original track. From the sweet smoothness of Pleasurelove remix, with a hearthbeating rhythm and some soft synth sounds, to a more vibrant and electric version of Moustache Machine’s version, this EP has it all, for all tastes, for all occasions. Paul´s compatriot Jean Tonique also did his part. Anyway, I think the original track really has what it takes to make the party going. Fat and groovy guitar riffs that immediately make you tap your feet and the vocal collaboration of Quentin Lechemia from the electro pop duo Destronics, giving that pop touch to it.

From what we’ve seen until now and the consistency of his original work we can only expect for a bright future ahead of this guy from Bordeaux as an important part of the great music that keeps coming from France.

I’ll go back to the beach now before the sun goes down. You’re welcome to join me. Take the EP with you, it’s free!

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