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Legan and Met

Sometimes you just need to listen to a song one time to instantly fall in love. In this case..five of them. Meet Legan and Met, Nick Legan & Met Mitchell, an electro/new wave duo from the largest city and the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. They are still unsigned, but i bet that is about to change next year. Recently, they released their debut EP, ‘Future Odyssey‘, a five track compilation of sweet melodies and warm synth sounds. This is music for long road trips, late night dreams and to be happy about life, like it really should be. The best part? You can have it, the full EP, for free. Yes. How cool is that?

Legan and Met – Someplace Else

[download here]

Someplace Else starts off with a lush pad & bass and a somehow nostalgic arpeggio that moves thing forward. At 1:05 it just gets more interesting with some big phased chords as the beat progresses. At 3:48 a lead melody enters and we get the full image. Simple, sweet, and effective. The perfect intro for what comes next.

Legan and Met – Voltage Controlled

[download here]

Voltage Controlled is a more upbeat jam that goes straight to action. Everything that have some sort of cowbell gets instantly better. The italo percussion and the driving synths will get you to move your feet. I only wish it was a bit longer because i had to replay it a few times to get the true feeling. Nevertheless, pretty cool tune too.

Legan and Met – Only Your Love Creates My Momentum

[download here]

The third track has a long name, Only Your Love Creates My Momentum, but also has, as the title implies, much love to give. I really enjoy the little synth melodies that come around, interleaved with the warm bass sequence and percussion. Legan and Met also use a lot of arpeggiated sounds that spice up the tracks just the way i like it. I can imagine myself riding a car near some palm trees avenue while having the company of this track. At 2:42 all the elements mix together and a ‘miami vice‘ feeling run trough my veins.

Legan and Met – Future Odyssey Part 1

[download here]

Future Odyssey, the track that gives name to the EP, is actually separated in two parts. I love the way this first part begins, with that low pass filter, followed by that bright synth chords. Beautiful melody on this one. All the tracks have this retro modern feeling but i especially dig this one. As i listen to it i can also imagine how perfect it would be with some vocals. Maybe for a future compilation? Track ends up nostalgic and gives room for the final part.

Legan and Met – Future Odyssey Part 2

[download here]

They usually say that the best is saved for the end. In this case, i think it really is. Future Odyssey Part 2 is my favourite from the whole EP. The melody is just so good that it will be glued to your mind for a long time. Got to love that chord progression. I’d like to congratulate Legan and Met for this five originals and the way they mixed them. There is a caring touch in their productions. The synth sounds are well crafted, the great sense of melody, unfortunately ignored in today’s music, is present here.

Most of the times people only listen to music if the name is popular. Here in Golden Scissors we like to show you the two worlds. The one everybody knows and the one we would like that you knew. Are you willing to open your mind to Legan and Met? Because i am sure they will continue to surprise you in a future odyssey

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