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We’ve all been tantalized by the bite size tracks Perseus has naughtily teased us with, but the day has finally arrived when we can all sit at home and download his Russian Girlfriends EP for free. Yeah, I said ‘free’ to all you kids who’ve found shade under that soundproof rock. Not only have we been constantly reminded of the gaping hole in our lives that the absence of the full tracks has left in our lives by Perseus himself, but The Magician has featured each of the tracks from the EP, Russian Girlfriends, Cool Runnings and Running Back To You in Magic Tapes 15, 17 and 18 respectively – so you know this is going to be fucking good.

If I can conclude anything from this, it’s that Perseus would make one hell of a stripper.

Perseus – Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings
is just that – cool. It’s tropical, delicious and makes me envision men with congos with their holiday shirts on. Every real man should have a holiday shirt. I think what makes Perseus stand out in a sea of wannabe producers is his superb sampling and cutting; plus I noticed the theme of 90s songs that have been sampled, which is surely not done near as enough as it should.

Perseus – Running Back To You

Running Back To You
takes me back to my childhood, when I used to think I was crazy ghetto and I also somehow convinced myself that I looked like Ashanti. However this sounds like someone took the original Ashanti track Foolish, ate it, spat it back out and somehow fermented it in their stomach so that it came back up as a cool refreshing drink that goes down smoother than a hairless cat (wink).

Perseus – Russian Girlfriends

This is to the ladies out there, if you’re Russian GF, or can at least feign being Russian, claim this as your entering-a-room song now. If you miss the 90’s, this one is for you, throwing back to some old school P.M Dawn like its 1991. It is the way that Russian nonsenses (to me anyway) and the classic 90s hit have been melded together harmoniously like peanut butter and chocolate that  is breathtaking and so lovable about this track.

The bottom line is, this shit is dope. If you enjoy seducing women, smoking a joint or simply feeling good on a warm afternoon, grab it for free here or if you are so inclined “This EP will be live on Beatport soon, for those wanting to hang 10 and catch a few .WAV’s.”

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