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Andrew Briggs and Matt Pearn are the mind behind Eat More Cake, two fellow songwriters and producers who grew up playing classical music together, although they appear live in band format with Owen Charles, Alex Lane, and Kay Juliver-Bacon.

Just by listening to some of their original songs, there’s no doubt they are British and it shows by all the influences and how they sound. Down-tempo, electronic and hip-hop beats mixed with pure pop attitude, melodic and broken vocals, always with a distinct British accent. Eat More Cake are a bit of all this but there’s a lot of other tags we could use. We’ll leave that to your ears when listening to Climb The Ladder, Live The Dream, their first album released after three EP’s.

But besides producing their own music, Andrew and Matt like to rework on some songs, and have all the credit for that since they were adventurous enough to remix artists like Stardust or even Bob Marley, amongst others. The experience seems to work, even remixing such different music styles. The success of the remix for Stardust’s Music sounds Better With You was the perfect excuse for an early Christmas Gift. Eat More Cake – The Remixes Vol. 1 is a compilation with a selection of the best eleven remixes from the guys from Harrow, NW London.

We can sense the sound aesthetic of Eat More Cake in all of the remixes, it’s clearly there, but every single one of them has something unique and different from the other. Maybe the reason for that is the diversity of artists they’re remixing but that is definitely what makes the compilation so interesting. You can notice it listening to “The Milk – Danger (Eat More Cake Remix) and right after, to One Eskimo – Hometime (Eat More Cake Remix). Don’t want to spoil the surprise. Eat more cake, calorie free guaranteed! Enjoy!

The compilation Eat More Cake – The Remixes Vol. 1 is available for free download here

Two of our favorites:

One eskimO – Hometime (Eat More Cake Remix)

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Eat More Cake remix)

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