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All right, Ok, Oh oui, C’est bon!

The The Supermen Lovers featuring Herr Styler & Cristine presents us the new single “C’est bon”, which precedes the release of his next Album ”Between The Ages” scheduled to be out on the 7th of November, via Lafessé records & La Tebwa, the same label since ever for the band.
The single comes out on October 24th, with remixes from Schokodub, Punks Jump Up (announced a video of this remix) and Golden Bug. It has been already for some days that we are enjoying its video, which has just invaded facebook’s walls of all lovers of good French electro house, like us from GS. A video that incites envy on all those, such as me, who will probably see those crystal clear sea waters, just next summer!

There is a popular saying in Italy, according to which, you have got style or you just don’t, and I think that this Parisian music genius Guillaume Atlan, aka The Supermen Lovers, has got style. A musician, a worldwide famous producer, that probably doesn’t need any kind of introduction. If you don’t remember him then I will just give you a few tips to refresh your memory.

It seems to me like it was just yesterday that I was dancing in my home town clubs and in my own bedroom to the sound of “Starlight”, a big successful single of 2001 that was included on TSL’s debut Album “The Player”(2002).
Though he is best known to most of the people because of his world renown hit, The Supermen Lovers boasts an highly respectable discography. Two LPs, “The Player” and “Boys In the Wood” and a long list of EPs and singles, in which were released remixes from  some of the biggest international djs.
Afterwards, in 2008 he starts his joint venture with Ricky Bailey ( former singer from Delegation), which brings to him two new good singles: a remake of “You & I” from Delegation and “Take a Chance”(2010), first single of the next LP “Between The Ages”.
On the wake of some good feedbacks from great artists like Aeroplane, who quite appreciated the return of the band, the EP “Take a chance” comes out also with a second edition (“Vol II”), which presents some extra remixes, one from Guillaume himself, a dub version from Todd Edwards, a Jamaican featured remix from Bost & Bim and a nu-disco remix from the project Frisco.

Right after that, the Foundation Disco EP, featuring former Chic singer Norma Jean Wright on the vocals, comes out on July 2011, boasting remixes of the first track “Keep the Funk Alive” from Chloé, In Flagranti and Cityzen (the Aikiu). A good EP to have “funk” with TSL!
You know what, guys?  The French house school is back. It is the return of disco funk house, like the good old days, at the end of the 90s and in the beginning of the 2000’s, when everything started for the filter house, since the Discovery LP from Daft Punk came out.
Now, new remixes for TSL, plus a second video and then … it begins the countdown till the 7th of November: what do you think about it, c’est bon?

Oh oui, oh oui, oh oui, c’est bon!

The Supermen Lovers featuring Herry Styler & Cristine – C’est bon EP

Click here to listen the EP preview!

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