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Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomson make the Aussi duo that goes under the name Canyons. They started to work seperatly and joined at first not to produce together but to create Hole In The Sky Records instead. But the inevitable happened and short after the label started they’ve released the first Canyons EP named Lovermore. The duo went on releasing the first EP of Tame Impala as well as remixing for the later, Ladyhawke and Juan McLean.

Though it was already perceptible that something really different was coming under the radar, Australia kept a little autistic to Canyons work. Stir crossed seas and Canyons released “Blue Snakes” on Parisian Label I’m A Cliché and “Fire Eyes” by DFA(2009), with an extra remix by Jacques Renault.

In 2009 Canyons signed for the Australian Modular Records and started to work on their debut album, expected to come out late this year (November).

Canyons are one of those bands which sound is unclassifiable. Ryan and Leo have a broad taste in music and deny to be retained on specific genre, instead they use all their preferable elements of different genres to compose a very distinct sound. Contradiction gains a consistent form in Canyons work and i’d say it’s what i enjoy most about this band. Believe me when i say that you’ll be uncapable of predicting what comes with the next track.

Expect mostly psychadelic and hazy elements joined with balearic, tropical as well as 70’s indie and disco. Sometimes downtempo others pretty up lifting, there’s a little bit of everything.
Personally, i must confess not to be quite impressed with first Canyon steps but, after listening to the first single of Keep Your Dreams “My Rescue” released early 2011 and the latest teaser for the album opening tracks “Circadia/Under A Blu Sky” i completely surrender!

Enjoy! *.*

01. Circadia
02. Under A Blue Sky
03. My Rescue
04. See Blind Through
05. Sun And Moon
06. Blue Snakes
07. The Bridge
08. When I See You Again
09. Tonight
10. And We Dance
11. Land In Between

Canyons – My Rescue

Canyons – “My Rescue” (Dr Dunks Disco Extension)

Canyons – Blue Snakes

Canyons – Fire Eyes

Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss (Canyons “Dow Jones”) Mix

Tortoiseshell – This Girl (Canyons Dub)


Ladyhawke – Dusk Till Down (Canyons Garage remix)(mp3)

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