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I think have never passed so much time without writing a word on this blog. Excuse? It’s Summer, i started to work hard. Cláudia is also very busy. However we still keep you updated on Facebook. This is not a “goodbye”!!!!!

It’s a little bit hard to join only five mixes. Usually i bring the ones who really touched me. Actually this week i will make another pack because there are at least two more i wanted to post! Today we have a huge pack, full of big names. Aeroplane, The C90’s, Mustang, Jacques Renault and Golden Bug. WOW!!!

I believe none of these artists need any kind presentation….. Enjoy!

Aeroplane June 2011 Mix

The C90’s June Chart Mix

Mustang june 11 mixtape

Jacques Renault – 8 Cities, 9 Days

Golden Bug-Summer Mix 2011-Part1

P.S. Track Listings in comments!!!

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  1. Bruno Romeu says:

    Aeroplane June 2011 Mix

    1. Tricksky – Beginning
    2. Juan Soto – ISS 2015
    3. Out of City – Galactica
    4. Human League – Sky ( Plastic Plates Remix )
    5. Moon Runner – Cultural Track One
    6. Mario Basonov _ Lonely Days
    7. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning ( Goldroom Dub )
    8. Nonoman – Phase 2 Edit
    9. Djuma Soundsystem & diskJoKKe
    10. The Supermen Lovers – Keep the Funk Alive ( Cytizen Remix )

  2. Bruno Romeu says:

    The C90’s June Chart Mix

    Floating Points – Marylin
    Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus Remix)
    Slice & Soda – Dead of Winter
    Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Remix)
    Nicholas – All I Need
    Mic Newman – Live East
    Motor City Drum Ensemble – L.O.V.E
    Greg Paulus – Nightime
    Danny Daze – Your Everything
    Breakbot – Fantasy (Jacques Renualt Remix)
    Peter & The Magician – Love in Rimini
    Auxiliary tha Masterfader – Disco Dictator (Luke Million Remix)
    Rimer London – Squaring the Triangle
    Shindu – Happy House (Midnight Savari Remix)
    Anthony Collins – Dont Look Down Now (Roman Flugel Remix)
    Benoit & Sergio – Everybody
    Lonely C & Baby Prince – Herpulese & Love Disease

  3. Bruno Romeu says:

    Mustang June 11 mixtape

    Toro Y Mo i: Still Sound – Voodoo Bear Remix
    Trickski : Can’t Get Through
    Dance Disorder : Metallic Italic (Jeremy Glenn Remix)
    Andrea Esu : E.S.U. Track
    Matias Aguayo : Dance Machine
    Tensnake : Something About You
    Mustang : Shooting Love (Club Mix)
    2 Bears : Bear Hug
    My Favorite Robot, The Model : Still In My Heart (Ivan Smagghe Remix)
    Benoit & Sergio : Principles
    Alla Farmer : Deep Sweet Kiss – Original Mix
    Jamie XX, Gil Scott-Heron : I’ll Take Care Of You (Special DJ Version)

  4. Bruno Romeu says:

    Golden Bug-Summer Mix 2011-Part1

    1-The Revenge-Ease Out.
    2-Golden Filter-Hide Me(Rory Phillips Remix).
    4-Ilya Santana-Flashy Ways.
    5-Jay Shepheard-Haselnuss.
    6-Vince Taylor(Jac Berrocal Edit).
    8-Cole Medina-Red Hot.
    9-Billy Bogus-Disco Lambro 76.
    10-Locussolus-I Want It.
    11-Lazy Disco-More Tigers(Mirror People Remix).
    12-Telonuis-Last Night.

  5. K.'s says:

    Excellent post, thanks!!

    Good thing also that you have added the track list!

    Any idea about the Jacques Renault one?

  6. K.'s says:

    Also, may I suggest this to add up to the pack? Less famous but jolly good!

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