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Uff!!! D.I.S.C.O.Texas is shacking things around here again with Sebastian Thomson also known as Publicist. I already had listened to the preview and now for a real massive production with two cool edits.
First impression i took from this work, is that this guy knows music for a long time, and this is a very personal view of this impressive work. Seems like he took these two tracks from his own playlist, worked a bit, and and shared, so that we can enjoy every second of it. Publicist is a drummer musician. Usually musicians makes things in a different way. You can feel it…

About this release, it comes with two awesome originals like i said before, and two cool edits from Zimmer and Moullinex (loved this one). For what i read about this, these edits were supposed to be just edits and not remixes!LOL You ask why? Texas says they want to put these tracks on the dancefloor without changing to much from original way. I like it:D

More news from D.I.S.C.O.Texas:

After a handfull of releases, Discotexas is proud to release a two part EP by PUBLICIST: Part I featuring two original songs plus edits by Moullinex and Zimmer, out May 13th. Part II featuring two more original songs plus an edit by another Discotexas artist and the winner of the remix contest, out in June.
Speaking about the remix contest you can request the stems for the remix of “Senses” by sending an e-mail to Deadline is May 23rd. To submit your remix simply send us a soundcloud link (or any other link we can stream) to the same e-mail address. Winner will have its remix released on part II of the EP and will get a package full of Discotexas goodies!

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